Welcome to

Restore Church

We exist to glorify God by proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ in everyday life through word and deed for the good of our city and beyond.

What is

The Gospel?

We believe the gospel, the good news that God is restoring all of creation to himself through Jesus, is a Story that changes every part of our lives. This story is about restored relationship to God, so we live in such a way as a community that we engage with God together through regular times of learning from the Bible, prayer, and worship.

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Our Identities

The good news of Jesus informs us that we are not defined by what we do or don’t do. Our identity is not found in our successes or failures. God is the one who gives us our true identity through the work of His son, Jesus Christ. 

As we follow Jesus, we are motivated to do good works–not so that God will love us but because we understand we are already loved by God.

When we are baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit we see a clear picture of our new identity (Matthew 28:19-20). Our new identities include being a family, servant, and missionary.


We are children of God who care for each other as a family.


We are servants of Jesus who serve Him by serving others.


We are sent by the Spirit to restore all things to God through Jesus Christ.